Directions from the airport to Quality Apartments.

When you leave the airport parking area, you first get into the lane (direction Oranjestad). At this first big intersection with rotunda you take a LEFT turn.

This road is called the LG Smith Boulevard. You’ll have to stay on this road for a while. The waterside is always on your left. This road takes you through our capital, Oranjestad.

As mentioned above, keep on this road going thru Oranjestad (you will see our Renaissance Hotel, our harbour, nightclubs, Mall, etc. when driving thru town). When leaving Oranjestad, you will pass by Valero Gas Station. Keep on going straight.

When you reach a big circle (you’ll see a Wendy’s on the right), just go straight.

You will encounter a big intersection with traffic lights. Here, you take a RIGHT turn.

Follow this road till you get to a crossing (notice a dirt-road that goes straight ahead: NOTE: do NOT take this dirt-road). At this same crossing (here you see the Ling & Sons IGA Supermarket on your right) you take e LEFT turn.

Follow this road till you see us on your right side. It’s a long building with orange roof and lots of Palm trees. (On this same road, there are several Car Rentals.)

We hope this information will be helpful in finding us.

For more information, please, feel free to contact us.